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Recently Reviewed Smart Home Products

Best Projectors 2018

Finding the Best Projectors 2018 Popcorn, Pajamas, and Your Own Silver Screen You have been waiting for months; you watched the previews, the trailers, you read everything there was to know about the movie. Now you are sitting in the theater where you paid a king’s ransom to sit in a chair that is uncomfortable, […]

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo

The Challengers Enter the Ring Without a doubt the best voice activated speakers 2018 are going to stay Amazon’s Echo (Alexa) and Google Home.  Alexa came into the scene November, 2014 and immediately became the next great home appliance. After two years of Amazon having the market cornered; Google Home burst through the gates November, […]

best outdoor security camera 2017

Best Outdoor Security Cameras in 2017

Best Outdoor Security Cameras in 2017 Are you worried of cat burglars sneaking into your vault and making away with your world class collection of Beanie Babies?  Or maybe you just want to keep your eye on things when you are away from home.  Having a smart home enables you to do just that. Whether […]

best baby monitors 2017

Best Baby Monitors in 2017 and Best Baby monitors in 2018

Best Baby Monitors in 2017 and Best Baby Monitors in 2018 Every parent will agree that life with a baby is much better with a baby monitor!  At 10Koalas we reviewed the best baby monitors in 2017 with an eye toward what we think will be the best baby monitors in 2018 as well!  We […]

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